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    Thank you, Bananas, for helping my three teams yesterday. My WaterMolloMellons, Hydro Ninjas, and Wacky Water Whales learned a lot! I’m a first year coach and I have so much to learn. It is overwhelming, but I still love how robotics has changed the way I teach in my 6th grade STEM classroom. I just watched all of your videos and I will start using every single one of them in my classroom starting Monday. I wish I knew about you when I began in August. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge!  
    Julie Alexander
    6th Grade STEM teacher at Alameda Elementary
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    Young people like these represent the future, not only of the State of Idaho, but of the United States and the world.  The things they are creating today will change our tomorrows.
    C.L. “Butch” Otter
    Governor, State of Idaho
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    As a team, The Bananas have shown more drive to innovate and shape their community than the college semi-adults and the actual adults that they are supposed to be inspired and mentored by. Overall, I am highly impressed with The Banana’s contributions to Boise and Idaho in general for challenging other teams on the competition table, showing the community why STEM education is important, and showing the world that Idaho is more than just potatoes.”
    Carlee Miller
    FIRST Alumni, FRC Chickadees Coach
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    Meeting with the High Voltage Couch Bananas was very helpful because they showed me a whole new level of robotics. Before we skyped them, I had no idea how to use rubber bands for Lego. You showed me extensive use of them and how a lot of points can be scored without the actual robot. Their project was great, and it showed me how having a model can really enhance the experience of the presentation.
    Jacob & Natalie
    Team Lego Masterminds, Los Angeles, CA
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    The Bananas went out of their way on three different occasions to drive from Eagle to Horseshoe Bend to collaborate with our kids. On one of those trips, they picked up a new computer our school board had authorized and brought it to our school to teach our kids how to use it. It was amazing to watch the members of the High Voltage Couch Bananas walk my students through how to navigate the programming and simplify what we were doing.
    Brandi Naragon
    Coach - Horseshoe Bend FLL
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    The High Voltage Couch Bananas are an incredible team!  We are so proud of them and so glad to have worked with them over the past two years.
    Sanjay and Arvind Seshan