The Bananas are pleased to announce that the 2017-2018 Hydrodynamics season has officially started! We are ready for another fun season filled with new challenges, new experiences, and of course, new friends!

We started off the practice by watching the videos about the upcoming season. We tried to come up with ways to innovate the robot game, while we were watching the video. It’s really helpful to throw ideas around as soon as possible.

Next, we played around with the project. We did a little research, such as: what’s the human water cycle? What are the problems with the human water cycle?



We were all super hyped up and ready to go! We threw a couple ideas around, and left with a homework assignment; to come up with 2 ideas in each category (Finding, transportation, usage, and disposal) of a problem that exists in it.


After that, we played a mean game of soccer after chowing down on delicious hot dogs and pulled pork! After a while, our new mentor Sammie Fullmer came and played with us. Man, is she good!

It was an awesome kick off to this year’s season, and we are looking forward to everything that comes with it! Stay tuned for updates on our practices, and for news on Mindstorm Mondays, a new program that the bananas are launching.

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