Hello, fellow nerds! The bananas have a weekly update for you guys! This will the be the first of many, so stay tuned each week!

Last week felt like it went by in a flash. Practices were quick but eventful. Last Monday, we held our first ever Mindstorm Monday. We met an ingenious team from Mishawaka, who showed us their attachments. We answered a couple of questions they had about the project and robot game. Thank you for video chatting in, Washing Mishines!

If you don’t know what Mindstorm Monday is, you can learn more here.

We also got to learn a lot about our project problem and the details tied to it. We’re still not completely sure this is the route we want to go, but right now it’s what we are pursuing.

Our new mentor, Sammie Fulmer, also ran us through a couple of lessons on how to create an FTC notebook. We love having her on the team, and she’s been such a big help!

Mostly, though, we worked on Banana Boot Camp videos, which you can see here or here. Overall, it has been a great week, filled with lots and lots of nerdiness! Can’t wait for this week!

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  1. Thank you, Bananas for helping my three teams yesterday. My WaterMolloMellons, Hydro Ninjas, and Wacky Water Whales learned a lot! I’m a first year coach and I have so much to learn. It is overwhelming, but I still love how robotics has changed the way I teach in my 6th grade STEM classroom. I just watched all of your videos and I will start using every single one of them in my classroom starting Monday.

    I wish I knew about you when I began in August.

    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge!

    Julie Alexander
    6th Grade STEM teacher
    Alameda Elementary

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