Just last month we collaborated with a fellow Israeli team on a parody video for the FIRST parody competition and got first place with over 6,500 votes! It was a blast to work with teams from all over the world on something really fun that we could all do. The best part of an international collaboration is to see people from so far away, become virtually right next to you, we even danced “next to each other!” (See video at bottom of post.) We would like to thank team Skyline for starting this parody and creating a super fun experience for more than ten teams. Looking back on the creation process, we strongly suggest that next year your team creates a parody video of their own, who knows, you may even find yourself doing a collaboration with another team! Although our video was entered into a competition, your team can make a parody video just for fun to share with other teams or share with the judges.

When creating a parody video you may want to use the following process:

  1. Brainstorm, this way you can get everybody’s ideas on what song to make the parody from.
  2. Share and get Feedback, once you have written your script share it with your team, other teams, or even parents and friends. The more eyes the merrier, and the better script!
  3. Make a “scene script”, a scene script just means to plan out what you will be doing in each scene of your video.
  4. Film your Parody video, my personal favorite part of this design process is the product part of it. Go over the lines a few times before you film to reduce the number of retakes you have to do, but DON’T stress out. The whole point of  FIRST is to learn through having fun, so make sure there are plenty of smiles off and on camera. Another tip is to take time to review your videos after filming the part in case you need to redo one, there is no better time than the present!
  5. Edit and Review, once you have all of your video snippets you will probably want to combine them and trim them to create a better flowing product. Maybe add visual and sound effects for even more fun!
  6. Lastly, share your video! Many other teams may even be inspired by something you have in there. If you don’t know where to share your video, you could consider making a youtube, Facebook, or Instagram account.Hopefully, your team can make a fun video and enjoy the process as much as we did!

Written by: Banana #2



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