As Regionals concluded, and fewer teams continued to build onto their robot game, and develop their project solutions, the levels of excitement continued to rise as their tournament dates crept closer. Luckily, the wait is over! Finalizing teams are putting the finishing touches on their attachments and programs, and rehearsing their presentations to perfection. Throughout all of the preparing, teams still try to keep their heads on. Even though this is our seventh tournament, the stress levels always come back and make everyone a little bit edgy, but that’s all good! Its just more Core Vales practice am I right! Most State tournaments, including our North Idaho State Tournament, have already finished and announced their Champions.

Congrats to the Knights of the Rectangular Table, for winning the Champions Award as rookies this year and moving onto The World Festival in Houston Texas. Their highest robot game score was 235, impressive run guys, good luck at Worlds!

The South Idaho State tournament will take place in Twin Falls on February 3rd. There will be 46 teams attending, creating an environment that can only be described as electrifying. Team members are bouncing with excitement from watching their robot conquer the field, and huge grins when leaving the judging rooms. The fun isn’t over after the robot game matches and judging sessions end, there is still the dance party while we all wait for the awards ceremony. Even though only one team can move onto Legoland, most teams leave the tournament congratulating the winners and proud of all of the hard work they did over the season. Gracious Professionalism never seems to be absent when these teams enter a room. Our team is ecstatic that the tournament is getting closer… but we also have quite a few things to do before we can leave. Good luck to all of the teams out there and see you soon!

Written by: Banana #2

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  1. Well written, Emily. If I were to describe the High Voltage Couch Bananas in three (3) words, I would say Preparation, Execution and Sportsmanship…a proven formula for success. Good luck at State!

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