With the 2018-2019 FTC Season in full swing, the Bananas have been extremely occupied. Four returning members from the FLL team #20687, are now on the FTC team #14147, with five new members. So far our rookie FTC season has treated us well! At our first qualifying tournament in Butte, MT, we were first pick captains, and won the Think, and Rookie Awards. At our Park City Utah Qualifier we were in the final robot game round, ending up on finalist alliance. We received the 2nd place Think and Motivate Awards. At the Bozeman, Montana Championship, we were once again in the final robot round, but this time, crawling up from the fourth seed captain. We received the Control award for our programming, Promote for our 60 second PSA, and 3rd place Inspire, (Champions.) On February 16th we will be competing in Wyoming for another shot at a ticket to the World Festival in Houston, Texas. If you would like to see more frequent updates as we prepare for WY, click on the Instagram icon at the bottom of your screen, and make sure to follow all of our other social media platforms! Stay tuned for more updates as more tournaments go by and always remember to … GO BANANAS!!

– Graciously written for your entertainment by Banana #2

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