FLL Team Mentoring

The High Voltage Couch Bananas and Bananas Robotics Inc. Coaches have significant experience at both local, regional, and International level FLL competitions, and LOVE to share their experience and recommendations with new or developing teams looking for insight.  In addition, we actively promote mentoring and cross-team interaction amongst the FLL community in Idaho and around the US, as well as internationally through projects like our 2017-18 Parody entry and other collaborations!

Go To First Lego League program

Children's Hospital Project

In past seasons we have created a robotics curriculum specifically for the use and implementation of the St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital. With this program, the hospital classroom has received LEGO EV3 kits and custom made game mats created by our team. We held a training seminar for the hospitals’ teachers and were able to teach them the basics of programming, building, and problem-solving with the robots. Since we started this program, long-term child patients have been able to play with and learn through robotics while staying at the hospital.

Our team is looking to move forward with this partnership with the Children’s Hospital and creating an even more impactful program in their new facility!

Bananas Robotics Summer Camps

We are very grateful to have been able to partner with the Discovery Center of Idaho for the past four years, and following discussions with them this past season, we are proud to announce that this will be the first year of Bananas Robotics Summer Camps!  More details will be available as we get closer to Summer 2020!