When we first came on the FLL scene, we had a hard time finding people to help us learn the basics. We struggled to learn how to improve our consistency, and how Technic mechanicals worked.

Then we met two brothers and incredibly generous FLLers – Arvind and Sanjay Seshan from Droids Robotics of Pennsylvania.

Sanjay & Arvind of DROIDS Robotics, with their 2017 Mentor & Inspiration Award

Their help and direction in a few short Skype calls changed our path completely. They had also just released their site, EV3Lessons.com, with full pdf lessons on EV3 programming from Basics to Advanced. We still treasure their input today, and their resource has become one of our most valued AND highly referred.

Now we are proud to extend that tradition with BANANA BOOT CAMP – our video based offering of EV3 and FLL Basics, done with a little Banana flair. We hope you enjoy it, hope it inspires you, and hope it launches your team to a new level.

Check back often, as we will be continuing to release new videos in the series, and please be sure to Contact Us if there is anything specific you’d like to see!


Intro and Basics

Build a Basic Bot – Using an absolute minimum, to allow you to focus on simplicity.

5 Steps to a Better Build – Whether a basic or competition robot, these keys are great starting points.

Ports – Input and Output – A quick overview of why one side of your brick has numbers, and the other letters, plus how you can see what your robot sees, so to speak!

The Competition Robot

FLL Allowable Parts – Dillon explains the different motors and sensors from the EV3 kit, plus a bonus motor from NXT…

Key Parts for a Better Build – As you prep for more complex ideas, consider these parts as tools

Pre-programming Your Programming
 – Its called PsuedoCode, and it is the KEY to digging out the details in your planning stage!


Boxes or Sticks?
 – This simple approach can give you a jumpstart in considering how to address a specific mission model or challenge…

Season Two

As our team moves up to FTC, we will be reflecting on the most helpful tips we learned from our FLL years…

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