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Thank you for your interest in investing in the youth of Bananas Robotics.  We have several different options that can help you multiply your impact or simplify your gift.  Please select from one of the options below, or if you would like to speak to a founder directly, use the contact form under “Donate and Multiply” below.


$200 and up - Donate and Multiply

What if your $1000 support of Bananas Robotics could result in $1500 worth of impact and only end up having a net cost to you of $176.00? 

Thanks to the generosity of the Idaho STEM Action Center and their Public-Private Partnership Grant Program, we have the opportunity to not only multiply the gifts over $200 from both corporate and individual donors, but to provide a unique tax credit advantage to those donors as well. Through this program, qualified contributions are eligible for a 50% Idaho State Tax Credit (see chart for reference) to the donor, and are multiplied with an additional 50% match back to Bananas Robotics. That means not only does your gift of $1000 turn into $1500, but it could effectively cost you only $176 after filing your taxes!  Talk about a WIN-WIN!

Thank you to the Idaho STEM Action Center!

In order to take advantage of this program, we must coordinate and package interested donors together.  We then submit a single grant proposal to the STEM Action Center 1 or 2 times annually, generally in $5000 or larger groups. To learn more about this incredible opportunity, please use the form below to share your interest with us today.

Use this form to connect with Bananas Robotics founders to discuss a sponsorship or donor gift over $500 with a potential 50% match and additional tax benefits!
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$200+ - Donate by Mail

For those who would like to send a check, we are grateful for your support, but would urge you to consider the “Donate and Multiply” option in the first tab.  It can transform your $200 gift into $300, while providing you over $160 in tax savings for a net donation cost of only $36!

If you do choose to instead send a check, please be sure to include your contact information for tax purposes, and send your tax-deductible contributions payable to:

Bananas Robotics
5892 W. Walton Pond Drive
Eagle, ID 83616

Thank you!

$10 - $200? - Donate by Paypal

Please consider the possibility that your gift of  COULD be multiplied by a match of up to 50% if you utilize our  “Donate and Multiply” option in the first tab. Through our unique partnership with Idaho’s STEM Action Center, for under $100, you can provide us with $750!

Here’s how:
1) YOU make a gift of $500, and get an automatic Idaho tax CREDIT of $250.  Literally half your money back when you file your state taxes.
2) With a 50% match, your money turns into $750 for the Bananas
3) YOU take a federal and state deduction for the contribution, saving another $125 in federal and $37 in state taxes (25% tax bracket, 7% state) when you file end of year.

POST TAX COST TO YOU FOR THE $500 donation:  (after federal and state tax savings)  ONLY $88. 

Please do check it out first, as it is a powerful, powerful tool for multiplying your impact.  Don’t see how it works?  Contact us and please let us explain it to you!

For those who simply wish to make an online donation, we are happy to provide you with a tax-deductible option through Paypal.  For amounts under $200, this is a simple, secure and convenient way to support Bananas Robotics while receiving an online receipt from PayPal for your tax records!  (a 2.2% service fee is deducted from your contribution)