FIRST TECH CHALLENGE is the third tier in the FIRST continuum. In this level, teams will create an 18″x18″x18″ or smaller robot to compete in a 12′ by 12′ playing field. Each robot will compete on an alliance of two randomly selected teams for the qualification rounds. Each game match lasts 2.5 minutes: 30 seconds for Autonomous (100% programmed,) 1.5 minutes of Tele-Operation (driver controlled,) and 30 seconds for End Game. Two alliances compete for the highest score in each match.



There are multiple ways to score in FTC:


  • Park in area as directed by signal cone
  • Score in Terminals
  • Score on Junctions


  • Score in Terminals
  • Score on Junctions

End Game:

  • Score in Terminals
  • Score in Junctions
  • Score Beacons
  • Create a Circuit

Aside from the robot game, each team should create an engineering notebook that showcases how team practices work, unique engineering design processes, brainstorming sessions and discussions, outreach, and any other essential parts of a team notebook.

Submission of these notebooks take place in the judging rooms where teams will present their robot, outreach projects and business plan to the judging panel.

These components all build up to create the wonderful and exciting competition of FIRST Tech Challenge!